Waterline is a range of skincare products created by Bharati Malani.

 Product Range

Skin Care

Your face requires special care as facial skin is delicate and needs hydration. For quicker absorbency, fine molecular oils have been used. Composition of oils takes into consideration blemishes, breakouts, sensitivity, elasticity and aging.

Hair Care

Coconut oil is a great moisturizing aid for the hair. As it has a very small molecular structure it penetrates into the hair shaft & easily bonds with the protein structure of the hair. Coconut oil has been used generously in these hair products.

Body Care

The skin on the body is relatively thicker and dryer than the face. The operative word here is hydration. Sensitivity is much less of an issue. So heavier oils have been used to keep the body moisturized through the day.

Infant Care

A baby’s epidermis is not fully developed. It absorbs and loses moisture faster and is far more sensitive. These products for infants are gentle and nourishing. They do not contain any essential oils, as an infant’s skin and olfactory nerves are too fragile to withstand them.

For Men

Men have skin 25% thicker with more collagen, more hair follicles and more sebum production. Hence their skin is less sensitive. This line of products has been formulated taking all this into consideration. The essential oils used are spicy, earthy, woody and masculine.

Pet Care

Your dog’s skin, which is just 3 to 5 cells thick, is actually much more delicate than yours, which is at least 10 to 15 cells thick. A coat of hair protects that delicate skin. The dog shampoo is mild, gentle and moisturizing enough for your pets.

Bharati’s Passion

Bharati lives on half an acre of soil. Home, clinic & factory are one, great on commuting time! The rest is organic, fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers growing in a cornucopian delight. These surroundings help generate not only skin and hair but soul and spirit as well. She captures a bit of this rare essence in every one of her products.

Maintaining and Enhancing a skin, that is subject to daily makeup, harsh lights and wear and tear is tough work! Bharti Malani's WATERLINE products are soothing, natural and gives me a great glow!

Divya Seth Shah

If You enjoy giving yourself the best and feeling purely, deliciously gorgeous, then Waterline is for You. In fact it is You!

Shikha Uberoi
Professional tennis player, TV host and tech entrepreneur

I absolutely recommend Bharati’s Face and Body Butter as the best, most genuinely natural, and exotically fragrant body butter I have ever tried.

Kadambari Ravi
Prenatal Yoga teacher and actor

I've been using waterline products for about four years now. I haven't ever had a better experience in the way my skin and hair has responded

Pravishi Das

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