Watercure by Bharati

Watercure aims to heal, nourish and energise, without the threat of toxic side-effects. Bharati draws on the wisdom of ancient healing systems such as aromatherapy, ayurveda, vastu, water therapy, naturopathy, numerology and a person’s blood type to analyse your body’s requirements and recommends beneficial lifestyle changes based on this analysis.

Everyone today wants quick and easy results, however short-cuts like those offered by Allopathic medication, for instance, may offer rapid relief but invariably leave behind toxins in the body. This results in negative side-effects. Barely 200 years old, Allopathy is a relatively new science. Many drugs have yet to be thoroughly investigated for their long-term effects. Besides, since Allopathy tends to adopt a symptomatic approach, relief is often only temporary. Sometimes the drugs fail to address the root-cause of the problem. You feel fine as long as you are on a course of medication. Once the effects of the drugs, wear off the ailment is bound to reappear if the root-cause is still in your system.

Bharati gets to the root of the ailment. Once this is analysed, she looks into factors like the direction of your bed, the material of your clothing, the shoes you wear, the cookware you use, and so on. She then takes your blood type into consideration to recommend a diet and exercise routine specifically for you. By steering you towards a healthier lifestyle, Bharati’s treatment plan helps increase your immunity quotient while strengthening you in mind and body. Be it insomnia, polyps, psoriasis, acid reflux, excess weight, migraine, rosacea, hormonal imbalance, poor circulation, arthritic pain or chronic bronchitis, she has successfully addressed many health issues to life-changing effect.

Bharati’s treatment plan also includes the healing powers of essential oils. After having analysed your condition, Bharati prepares a blend of various essential oils specifically beneficial to you. She then recommends a method of usage contingent on the seriousness of the ailment and your age. These methods include inhalation with the help of a steamer, humidifier or diffuser. In some cases she might suggest topical applications of a dilution of the same blend of healing oils.
How do these oils work? They work primarily through your sense of smell – a powerful vehicle that influences the inner balance between mind and body. However, Aromatherapy is not limited to your olfactory system; the essential properties of the oils can be absorbed by your body via the hair follicles on your skin. These properties are then transported around the body and the process of healing begins.

Essential oils are produced from flowers, leaves, stalks, gums, seeds and roots. Since they are plant-based extracts these oils leave no toxic residue in the body while the treatment itself is gentle and non-invasive. Bharati makes it a point to use only the purest oils as the speed of recovery depends on the concentration of the oils.

Though Watercure is a relatively recent endeavour for Bharati, this gentle, holistic, fragrant approach to healing has won a large following. If Waterline is Bharati’s sumptuous line of natural, chemical-free skin-health products, Watercure is a distinct and independent venture at the heart of which lies Bharati’s holistic, multi-approach method of healing and immunity-building.


1) I went to Bharati with an acid reflux and night terrors issue related to my 7 year old child. Bharati’s approach was truly holistic & alternative – she strongly suggested a blood type based diet along with essential oils custom blended for our problem. Cutting out certain foods had immediate impact on my child’s health & we use the oil blend topically on her navel when she feels nauseous. Thank you Bharati for your amazing work!

Ruchi Munjral,

2) I was introduced to Waterline products by a friend. I was happy to finally come across a brand that was completely natural. I was happier to meet Bharati Malani. She is extremely warm and has a lot of knowledge on skin care and living a holistic life. I have been using the products for a few months and enjoy the way they smell and feel. My husband is using the shaving oil and loving it. For our 4 year old child, Bharati put together an aroma oil kit to boost his immunity. I highly recommend using Waterline products in consultation with Bharati.

Jyotika Jain,

3) Covid-19 hit like a ton of bricks and nobody was prepared well enough: how to stay safe, how to combat it… so I did what I normally do in such unsure times— turn to my dear friend and healer extraordinaire Bharati! Reassurance soon arrived in a blue bottle of ‘Watercure,’ made for cough/covid/cold. Inhaling the cool minty freshness of a few drops in my steam machine, I feel ready to face anything!

Priya Kapadia
Founder-‘Deeds for Needs’.