Hair Care Range

Our shampoos are made from an alkali-caustic soda. To balance the alkalinity we have used freshly pressed sesame and coconut oils, castor oil, glycerin and a host of other emollients in our shampoo solutions. Our shampoos are gentle enough to use on a daily basis.

Our hair pomade, hair serum, hair gel and hair oils are carefully blended with ingredients of the best quality. All our products are wonderfully piqued with delightfully fragrant, therapeutic essential oils. These products make your hair lustrous, rich and luxuriant.

Dry Hair Oil

200ml for Rs.1300/-

Freshly pressed seed oils blended with Rosemary oil stimulate the scalp, heal damaged strands, promote hair growth, and and remove dandruff. After a couple of applications you will find your hair thicker, stronger and more luxuriant.

Balancing Hair Oil

200ml for Rs.1300/-

Freshly pressed seed oils blended with Bergamot oil clean and strengthen hair. This oil is antibacterial as well, eliminating oily-scalp dandruff. Bergamot is a powerful antiseptic and cleans the scalp of all unwanted grease. It leaves your scalp feeling wonderfully refreshed.

White to Black Hair Oil

200ml for Rs.1700/-

This oil is a blend of curry leaf oil and coconut oil. Curry leaf oil has amazing benefits for hair. It is the most effective natural solution to premature greying. Vitamin B present in curry leaf oil restores natural pigment in the hair follicles. This brings back the original colour to your hair and prevents it from greying further. Curry leaf oil also supplies essential nutrients to hair and heals damaged hair roots. Being a rich source of beta-carotene, it stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall.

Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner for hair. It makes rough hair cuticles smooth and makes hair lustrous, bouncy and manageable.

Massage your scalp and hair with this oil 2 to 3 times a week at night. Wash off with our shampoo in the morning. For quicker results, massage a small amount every morning on your scalp and hair. Do this for 3 days. On the 4th day wash off with our shampoo, allow your hair to air-dry and start the process again.


200ml for Rs.1250/-

Traditional soaps and shampoos are a blend of alkali, oil and water. We use caustic soda as our alkali. The oil phase is a blend of freshly pressed sesame and coconut oils, castor oil and glycerine. Our soap solutions are carefully Ph balanced, making this product gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Rosemary and spearmint oils help invigorate, stimulate, clarify and refresh you as you bathe.

We recommend you use our Hair Serum as a leave on conditioner after using this product on your hair.

Hair Serum

30ml for Rs.1700/-

Our leave on rinse controls hair loss and encourages hair growth. A blend of essential oils adds gloss, bounce and a sweet, woody-floral fragrance to your hair.

After using our shampoo half-fill the last mug with water, shake the hair serum bottle and add 10 drops to the mug, fill to the brim with water. Pour slowly all over hair and let the solution stream down your body. Do not rinse. Towel dry and your hair will be soft, shiny and fragrant.

Hair Pomade

50ml for Rs.1100/-

Clary sage with it’s sweet, nutty herbaceous scent is blended with jojoba oil, bees wax and kokum butter to create this product. Our beautifully scented pomade is moisturizing, softening and protective.

Warm a bit of pomade between palms or fingers and massage into clean, dry scalp and hair, especially the ends and other dry spots. Brush and/or comb through. This pomade softens and protects coarse hair, leaving it with a rich sheen while adding moisture to dry ends. For extremely coarse, wild hair apply while hair is still damp.

Hair Gel

50ml for Rs.1100/-

Our hair gel encourages hair growth, lends body and shine to dull, lifeless hair. A special, secret ingredient gives your hair a natural hold and adds essential nutrients to your hair. Our gel can be washed off with water without the use of shampoo. The aroma used is unisex.