Body Care Range

All soaps and shampoos are a blend of an alkali, an oil and water. We use caustic soda as the alkali in our shampoo/body wash. In addition we add freshly pressed sesame and coconut oils, castor oil, glycerin and other emollients to moisturize and nourish your skin and hair as you bathe.

This range of products is meticulously formulated to give your skin the nourishment and protection it needs. The products are all accented with beautifully scented, therapeutic essential oils. Your skin will be soft, smooth and supple in a few days of use.

Bath Oil

200ml for Rs.1300/-

A light sesame formula with a hint of spearmint leaves your skin tingling. To be smoothened over body after bathing or add two table spoons to the last mug of bath water and your skin will remain soft and fresh throughout the day.

Body Oil (massage)

200ml for Rs.1300/-

Our Body Oil is one which protects, softens and heals. Vitamin E is prevalent in this product which accelerates the skin’s healing process. Neroli (orange blossom) oil improves blood circulation which in turn helps reduce stretch marks and cellulite while rosewood oil stimulates the immune system.

Winter Bliss

100ml for Rs.1500/-

My new product is miraculous. Winter Bliss is a moisturizer that is very simple to use. You just have to rub the solid block of cream all over your body. The block leaves a fine trail of protective moisture on your skin.

Winter Bliss contains bees wax which provides a fine, protective film on your skin. Bees wax stops the outside air from drying you up and helps lock in the existing moisture in your skin as well. Hence it is best used immediately after a shower.

Another key ingredient, mango butter softens as it soothes and moisturizes your skin. Mango butter helps to combat dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, frost bite, sunburn, insect bites, rashes and stretch marks. Besides this mango butter protects the skin from harsh weather conditions and UV radiation.

Lavender lends this product a delightful, sweet, floral-herbaceous scent with a balsamic-woody undertone. This essential oil aids in healing dry, scaly and cracked skin.

Winter Bliss is remarkable in that your skin stays moisturized right through the day. Your entire body including your elbows, knees and heels remain soft, supple and smooth through the cold, dry winter months.

Oil for Weight Loss

200ml for Rs.1700/-

For most of us, merely exercise and a low calorie intake is not enough to keep weight off. Here is an oil that will give your body the remaining support needed to propel it towards losing weight.

IMPORTANT: Please use daily, after an evening shower/bath (a minimum of 12 hours before you expose yourself to sunlight). Massage over your entire body, excluding your face. Avoid exposure to white or blue lighting (tube lights included) till the next morning. Refrigeration is a must. Shelf life is four months.

The reason it is so effective is because it contains six unique essential oils. Each oil and its therapeutic values are listed below.

Grapefruit oil: Curbs cravings, boosts metabolism, increases energy and endurance and reduces tummy fat accumulation.
Lemon oil: Arrests weight gain, relieves pain, elevates mood and increases energy.
Peppermint oil: Increases energy and mental alertness, aids digestion, suppresses appetite and uplifts mood.
Cinnamon oil: Balances blood sugar levels, regulates insulin activity and reduces inflammation.
Anise oil: Accelerates digestion, suppresses appetite, reduces weight, assists restful sleep.
Bergamot oil: Boosts positive mood and increases energy.



200ml for Rs.1250/-

Traditional soaps and shampoos are a blend of alkali, oil and water. We use caustic soda as our alkali. The oil phase is a blend of freshly pressed sesame and coconut oils, castor oil and glycerine. Our soap solutions are carefully Ph balanced, making this product gentle enough to use on a daily basis. Rosemary and spearmint oils help invigorate, stimulate, clarify and refresh you as you bathe.
We recommend you use our Hair Serum as a leave on conditioner after using this product on your hair.

Body So Soft

100ml for Rs.1000/- and 330ml for Rs.2250/-

Multani mitti is the base to our cleansing body polish. A special ingredient removes all unwanted, protein secretions from your body thus stripping it off odor, perspiration and dirt. Nut and seed oils leave your skin coated in a fine veil of oil. To this lovely product we add vetiver oil. Vetiver oil treats your olfactory nerves to an earthy aroma and is therapeutic for dry skin. Skin feels soft, supple and moisturized and needs no final application of cream.

Pour water all over body. Take a small amount between wet palms and rub together with added water if required. When a lighter paste is formed, work all over body and wash off. Towel dry.


75ml for Rs.1450/-

Organic, all natural deo containing no chemicals. Provides anti-bacterial protection against odours without preventing your body from perspiring. There is no clogging of pores, hence your body functions naturally. You smell lovely all day. One of the essential oils used-peppermint, leaves your under-arms tingling and cool for hours after use.

Face & Body Butter

30ml for Rs.500/-, 100ml for Rs.1245/- and 300ml for Rs.2850/-

A dual purpose butter, suitable for face and body both. This light and creamy blend of kokum butter, sesame oil and other natural ingredients protects your body from stretch marks and cellulite. Piqued with enticing neroli (orange blossom) oil, this butter helps regenerate skin cells and improve skin elasticity and melts onto your body with an exquisite aroma. When used daily and immediately after a shower, it absorbs quickly and enhances facial glow and the suppleness of the skin. If used in conjunction with our Cleansing Jelly, it succeeds in erasing pigmentation marks and reduces fatty cholesterol deposits around the eyes. It also smoothens away fine lines if any. Excellent nourishment with a lock-in moisture advantage that keeps your skin hydrated at all times. A product suitable for all skin types.


100ml for Rs.2585/-

Waterline brings to you a nutritive skin food of the highest integrity which wraps your face and body in a protective sheath; thus effectively locking in moisture. It has amazing penetrative qualities, revitalizing all three layers of the skin and making it soft and supple. Pure in content, it uses absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives. It is a mix of almond oil, kokum butter and beeswax with a spike of natural lavender. It is water resistant in the sense that the skin stays soft inspite of repeated washing. At the same time it allows the skin to breathe thereby retaining its natural elasticity and vitality.

Sun Safe

100ml for Rs.1245/-

Our sun screen for your body has an SPF value of 40. It should be applied over our Face & Body Butter. It will help your skin to withstand the mal effects of the sun and avoid burns and irregular pigmentation. Our Sun Safe cream will give your skin a dewy finish.

Soft Hands

50gm for Rs.1125/-

Geranium envelopes your hands with a rosy-sweet, minty scent. Our special blend softens hands and protects them.

Foot Scrub

100ml for Rs.1125/-

A remarkable formula that cleanses and moisturizes. It is anti-bacterial, astringent, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, softening and rejuvenating. With daily applications and in conjunction with our Tender Feet, it heals corns and cracks over a couple of weeks.

Wet your feet with water, take a small amount on a wet loofah and scrub your feet. All the dirt and dry skin will come off. Then wash with water. This scrub kills germs, removes toxins and gets your blood circulation going. It leaves your feet feeling baby soft, tingling, moisturized and wonderfully fragrant with a spicy, minty aroma. If you want to get rid of dark, dry elbows, use it in the same way.

Tender Feet

50gm for Rs.1125/-

Our foot cream protects and moisturizes your feet. It is gently antiseptic and leaves your feet with a fresh fragrance. To be used both in the day and at night.


200ml for Rs.170/-

I’ve formulated a WONDERFUL natural mouth wash. I’ve used Tea Tree oil that’s been shown to reduce the bleeding of gums and tooth decay. Peppermint oil has been added to freshen breath and reduce cavities. Baking Soda has been added to whiten teeth. Baking Soda also fights against gum disease, mouth ulcers, sores and bad breath.

80% of the proceeds of the mouthwash sale will go towards charity.