Bharati’s skin care philosophy

I am most concerned that skin care products are not safe today as the use of synthetic, toxic chemicals is widespread. The manufacturers do not have to say so as the FDA granted self-regulation to the cosmetic industry in 1938. Since then products can be marketed regardless of what tests show. Most of the 25,000 chemicals used have not been tested for long-term toxic effects. You might be exposed to over 200 different synthetic chemicals in a day. Many of these are suspected of causing cancer or affecting hormones, the latter control reproduction and development.

Then in 1997 the FDA enforced a rule that all beauty companies were legally obliged to list the contents of their products. Have you read the contents on one of your skin-care jars? Most of the names are difficult o to pronounce, leave alone understand. It is hard to differentiate between natural and synthetic contents. Furthermore, the names carry no reference to the effect or origin of the chemicals contained.

It may take 10 or more years to show that some products could be potentially harmful.

So why use these harmful products and put your health and life to risk? The only alternative is purely natural products which are made of edible ingredients.

Why edible, you might ask. Whatever you apply on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream and filtered

through your lungs, liver and kidneys. So I recommend you put ON your body what you are willing to put INTO it.

For this reason, I believe it is absolutely necessary to use edible ingredients of the best quality in all my products. In this way extra toxic build up is avoided and the beauty of your skin is greatly enhanced.

Commercial skincare contains mineral oils as they are far cheaper than organic ones. Apart from being hazardous to health these toxic oils do not get absorbed into the skin’s 3 layers. There is no organic oil to permeate to the lower layers of your skin to provide them with important and essential nutrients. This deprivation leads to a dry and starved skin that easily darkens due to its inability to stave off the mal effects of the weather. It is the dry heat and the harsh sun which dry up the skin and dry skin darkens easily leaving you with an unhealthy grey look.

Furthermore, the mineral oils stay on the surface and seal your skin in a plastic like impervious veil. So your pores are blocked and your skin cannot breathe or eliminate toxins. Your skin develops pimples and black heads as the sebaceous glands tend to over react to dryness and produce more sebum, which in turn is not allowed to evaporate as the pores are blocked. Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples results in unnecessary skin problems. This can do even greater harm to the skin.

Another observation is that the various layers of the skin react to oils of different viscosity. The lowest layer tends to require a fine oil like almond or sesame oil. The middle layer favours a thicker oil like coconut oil and the top layer requires a denser oil like castor oil. The solution lies in using kokum butter as it has this amazing ability to nourish the skin in totality. I usually blend kokum butter with two or three oils for this reason thereby feeding all three layers of the skin.

Aside from all this I believe your skin requires a balanced ‘diet’ of oils, butters and essential oils to provide it with complete nutrition. I have formulated the products to provide this ‘diet’. When I consult a client I see that the products they pick up provides the ‘diet’ her/his skin requires.

Finally, I believe your skin is affected by what you consume, your existing skin care routine, your age, your water intake, your sleep habits, your workout routine, your posture and sometimes the clothes you wear. When I give a consultation I check all these and ask for the client’s blood type, family history of diseases, and I study her/his skin. After I analyse what is lacking, I suggest lifestyle changes (if any) and what the client needs to use on her/his skin to make it the best it can be.