1-divya-seth-shah“Maintaining and Enhancing a skin, that is subject to daily makeup, harsh lights and wear & tear is tough work!
Bharati Malani’s WATERLINE products are soothing, natural and gives me a great glow!”

Divya Seth Shah

shikha-oberoi-waterline“If You enjoy giving yourself the best and feeling purely, deliciously gorgeous, then Waterline is for You.
In fact it is You!”

Shikha Uberoi
Professional tennis player, TV host and
Tech Entrepreneur

“Bharati Malani is a name to reckon with. Her line of products called Waterline Cosmetics have been breathing life, literally into my skin and hair for a long time now. Have been associated with her for over six years and have been using her products ever since. She was the one who made me turn away from commercial products available in the market here and abroad. She was the one who educated me on the benefits of using natural products on oneself. Have been using her “timeless” since its inception. It is a wonderful product showing remarkable change on your face. Have converted my family into using her hair oil as well. I use almost all her products except for those meant for gents. Totally in love with them and they are an integral part of my life. They go with me everywhere! Thanks Bharati and am eagerly waiting for your new products, as always!”

Jayashree Vasudevan
Classical Dancer

“Everything Bharati Malani does is infused with love, care and attention to detail. These qualities are transmitted in her hand-made, artisanal Waterline products. For body care, I have tried almost all reputed international organic brands but nothing has come close to the chemical-free, sensually aromatic touch of treat that my body enjoys with Waterline. I have been her devoted client for six years during which, my body has been deeply nourished by Bharati’s personal explorations in healing and spiritual work.
Uniquely blended, all her products come with the extra benefit of aromatherapy. Warning: don’t be surprised if you walk into a room wearing Waterline and people literally want to lick you! Thank-Bharati, Waterline is edible ?

Tejal Shah
Contemporary Visual Artist

k-raviedited“I found Bharati’s/ Waterline’s products at a farmer’s market in Mumbai.
I work as an actor, and a Prenatal Yoga coach, so I tend to apply skin products, as well as avoid them, in balance.
I bought the Waterline Face and Body Butter, and have stayed faithful, to the extent of not using another, when I run out. To me there is none other out there, that is as natural, divine and capable of making me feel gorgeous externally, as well as internally.
I absolutely recommend Bharati’s Face and Body Butter as the best, most genuinely natural, and exotically fragrant body butter I have ever tried.
It is worth its value, lasts a while, and so comforting to know that the ingredients are natural in a way, that one could eat it.
Your skin deserves the best. Waterline has consistently been that best!
I also appreciate the loving service Bharati provides. It is very personal and responsive. Thank you!”

Kadambari Ravi
Prenatal Yoga Teacher

rajesh-panjabi-waterline“After trying a multitude range of products on my skin, I recently came across Waterline skin care. Skin care routines are essential as UV radiation, extreme weather and pollution can make skin feel lifeless and dry.
However, what makes Waterline special and unique is its ability to make the skin come alive in just 3 days. Its all natural and organic elements keep the promise of nurturing care while replenishing the skin which makes all the difference.
The next time you are looking for a change…. try the Waterline range of products, it won’t disappoint you.”

Rajesh Punjabi

nivedita-jasmin“I was introduced to Waterline four years ago and having been using these products since to the exclusion of any other. Made with sensitivity and insight, Waterline uses completely natural and clean ingredients. So clean and safe it is that Bharati claims we can eat. And I would, they smell so good, only that would leave me less to use! Once my skin tasted Bharati’s Butters and Balms, it flat refused anything else. Using Waterline products feels like drinking the most delicious, fresh and wholesome smoothie instead of a glass of flat cola. It feels real, loving and nurturing.
Why would you eat a greasy, tough and tasteless burger when you have the option of tucking into a balanced whole foods meal that is both tasty and nutritious? That’s what comes to mind when there’s any question of using a commercially available moisturizer instead of Waterline’s Face and Body Butter, for instance, which leaves your skin feeling as it should, supple and nurtured instead of sapped, assaulted by stress and pollution.
While the Face and Body Butter is the perfect, daily use moisturizer, gentle, fragrant and long lasting, the Day Cream had indisputably discernible effects on my skin – fewer open pores, pimples or black heads, my skin started looking and feeling taut and elastic with just a week’s application. The Foot Scrub is a dream… no parlor pedicure has left my feet feeling so supple, scrubbed and soft. And no over-the-counter tube of Berry Blast has made my lips sing like Waterline’s little tub of Lip Balm. I have always had dry lips… Bharati pointed out, first that my dry lips were an indication of my body’s need for hydration. Besides being more conscious of drinking enough of water, I have also been using Bharti’s Lip Balm, which keeps my lips well-moisturized much longer than any other lip balm I have tried before.
I love how clean and Fresh Mist makes me feel. Unlike chemical fragrances that do no good for my asthma, this spray is delicate while working all day long at deoderising! And her shampoo is gentler than any baby shampoo I have tried. On Bharati’s recommendation we had first sampled the shampoo on our dogs. It left their coat so soft, fragrant and conditioned and it felt so good on our skin that soon we were all, dogs and humans sharing the same shampoo. And it worked like a charm for all of us!
I have curly, dark hair while my partner has straight light hair and both our heads are delighted with Waterline’s Body Wash/Shampoo. Similarly, no commercial mouthwash however minty and green has left my mouth feeling as fresh, cleansed and healed as Bharati’s composition. Regular use of the Mouthwash has successfully addressed mild gingivitis as well as an upper throat irritation.
So infused with pure goodness are they, that I have often found the products to be positively healing – be it chapped lips, sun-burnt shoulders or cracked feet, Waterline products have helped heal each of these conditions beautifully.
My skin and with it, I feel immense gratitude for Waterline. Thank you Bharati Malani for sharing your knowledge and making these products of love available to us!
With love and thanks,”

Nivedita Magar and Jasmin Jagada

anita-anand-zutshi“For two years I have been agonizing over pigmentation on my face. I have tried a lot of International brands, specifically made to get rid of pigmentation. However, nothing worked. Waterline products came to me when I had almost given up hope. Bharati’s natural products (good enough to eat, she says) – Cleansing Jelly, Timeless & Night cream have worked its magic on my skin in two weeks. My pigmentation had visibly lightened and my skin looks more nourished and healthy. The eye cream has worked wonders on my under eye bags. The Age defying serum is just beautiful to use. I know, if I continue with my skin care regime with Waterline, my skin will take its time to age. Go natural….it’s the only way!!!”

Anita Anand
Executive Film Producer

amrita-sharma-waterline“When I met Bharati in 2005, a total stranger, on a train I was dazzled by her skin! I couldn’t help but walk up to her and ask her what her secret was. Her products are far from chemicals, preservatives and other harmful stuff. Just pure plant products and natural oils. Try them, you will never look back!”

Amrita Sharma

Bollywood Make-up Artist

mahesh-uberoi“I have been using Waterline’s Shaving Oil in lieu of shaving cream for the past several years. I am pleased to let you know that my skin never felt better. The shaves are smooth and close and the skin seems to glow afterward. Also, I had some dark pigmentation as a possible reaction to shaving cream. These patches are also getting lighter by the day. The Shaving Oil is made of natural ingredients and it feels good to know that I am not using any harsh chemicals on my face.”

Mahesh Uberoi
Tech Entrepreneur

priya-sampat“Magic, majic, majic…Bharati your products are amazing! I have used Lancome, Kiehls and other big brands but nothing has worked for my pigmentation. The combination of your Age Defying Serum, Cleansing Jelly, Timeless and Night Cream is helping wipe out the pigmentation on my face like nothing else could. The night cream smells so good that it’s addictive.
Your Dry Hair Oil has stopped my hair from falling and has added volume and bounce to it. The Mouth Wash has reduced the plaque and tarter on my teeth and has whitened them. Tender Feet has erased the deep, black cracks on my heels in three months of regular application.
Bharati, I can’t thank you enough…”

Priya Sampat
Share Market Consultant

irina-khanna“I have been using Bharati’s skin products for the last 3 years and LOVE them!!!
A month ago I bought a hair product from her, called HAIR POMADE. To be very honest I was sceptical about this product because my hair is very frizzy and curly and I have tried all available products in the market. I was using Intense curl cream by MOROCCAN OIL, that costs 2250 Rupees and I was very happy with it, until I tried her HAIR POMADE. IT IS MAGIC! I am in love with it, My curls are well defined, hair smells so good and I am guilt free that I am not using any chemicals any more.
I love Cleansing Jelly. It is one of the best products to clean the face. Night Cream and Timeless are out of this world.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Irina Khanna

jill-waterline“What I like most about  Waterline products is that they feel good, smell good and make my skin look and feel the best that it can be.”

Jill M.
Life Coach

sharmista-guha“I have been using Waterline products for over a decade.They have always delivered what they promise!”

Sharmista Guha

manali-mitra-waterline“I have a sensitive skin, prone to breakouts. Bharati’s products are my lifeline! I’ve never ever used any products from the market fearing they could contain toxic chemicals. The Waterline range is natural without any chemicals or preservatives. I’ve been using them for the last four years. Love the smell of kokum butter in her products! Her products are made with love which makes them so special and pure!”

Manali Mitra
Owner, Keeva Studio

munira-taherbhoy“I’ve been using Bharati’s products for over four years. In particular her Kajaal, as it is the only kajal that doesn’t make my eyes burn.
Whenever I go to Bharati to buy her products I feel so positive and fresh. I love her products and the way she educates me about using them.
I’be been receiving a lot of compliments about my skin ever since I began using her products.
Thanks Bharati.”

Munira Taherbhoy

“White to Black Hair Oil by Waterline has worked wonders for my hair which had turned coarse with the regular use of hair dye. It is now soft and fuller. It is too short a time to see the new black hair strands but I expect to see them soon.
I have been using Age Defying Serum for the last ten days and have seen awesome results on my skin which was otherwise always dry and cracked. Even in humid weather like Mumbai I would recommend the nightly use of this product. My skin now feels hydrated and soft.
Thank you Bharati Malani.”

Misbah Mitha
Fashion Designer

nyela-kapadia-waterline“Waterline has the best line of products I’ve used in a long time. I often switched to natural products by various brands but would find them too drying for my skin and hair. However Bharati’s concoctions work like magic on one’s skin and hair. I’ve switched to using almost all her products and don’t use anything off the shelf anymore. Neither for me nor my baby. Besides going all natural which feels intrinsically good it also helps to know that you are somewhere reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding all the chemical waste that chemically produced cosmetics shed out into the environment. Her products smell divine too and are a must try.”

Nyela Kapadia
Fitness Professional

ketino-lekishvili“I received Bharati’s skin care products as a gift. I am worried already, about how to outsource them here in Georgia. I love the way Waterline products make my skin look and feel, and they smell so good. After using Face and Body Butter I have stopped using perfumes.”

Ketino Lekishvili
Professor in Physics

zainab-tambawalla“Met Bharati almost 4-5 years ago at the farmers market in Mumbai. I was struggling with hypothyroidism at that point and was looking for alternatives. Since that day to today I’ve never had the need to look for anything else for my skin. Absolutely in love with the products. Especially the Face & Body Butter, Foot Cream and Hair Pomade. My skin feels soft and absolutely fantastic.”

Zainab Tambawalla
Children’s book illustrator

shobha-george“I have always believed in using organic / natural products.
I have used Waterline products for many years now. My son was getting itchy skin and I had been applying various creams including the ones prescribed by the dermatologist ..none of these had given any relief. Bharati asked me to try Enwrapture for him…and it worked like a charm!!! His skin improved immediately, and ever since he has never had a dry skin problem. Enwrapture absolutely wraps your skin in moisture and keeps it protected.”
I also started using Enwrapture and absolutely love the way it keeps my skin moisturised the whole day. Most of all I know Waterline products are pure!! “

Shoba George
Travel Consultant

ankush-seth-waterline“In 2006, I tried some free samples of the Waterline products. I was very impressed and since then I have been hooked.
What I absolutely love about them is that they are completely natural.”

Ankush Seth

anuradha-umashankar“I have been using Waterline products for a few years now. My skin feels really smooth and wonderful, all of Bharati’s products are amazing and most importantly they are all made with natural ingredients. I just love the feel the products on my face, they are not at all greasy and give me a very natural look.”

Anuradha Umashankar
Finance Management

geetha-reddy“I have been using Waterline’s Eye Cream for the last four years and have to say it was such an exciting find! After years of experimenting with all the kinds of eye creams, both luxury and affordable, I was able to find something that indeed worked! The texture, the divine fragrance and perfect way it spreads is awesome. Finally something that works for me! Thank you Waterline!”

Geetha Reddy
Envoronmental Lab Scientist

nutan-solanke“My skin and my hair are precious. I use only the best. I use Waterline products.”

Nutan Solanke
Real Estate Consultant

pravishi-das-waterline“Hi ! I’ve been using Waterline products for about 4 years now. I haven’t ever had a better experience in the way my skin and hair has responded.
I wish Bharati the greatest success !”

Pravishi Das

sarla-malani“Skin is inherited, and as we grow older it needs tender love and care. I have been an advocate of Oil of Olay for half my life. I am 86. Used Lancôme as makeup only for occasions. Did not like what I saw in the mirror. That was not me. That was a Mime. I started using Bharati’s Face and Body Butter and nothing else. I am so happy with my decision. My skin feels replenished and smooth. You cannot stop aging, you can make an effort to make your skin look good. For me Waterline has been the answer.”

Sarla Malani
Bharati’s mother

“I have been using Bharati’s products for a few years and have found them extremely beneficial. My skin is noticeably smoother and old pimple marks are less visible. Her natural remedies for routine cleanliness and tips for minor skin irritations have proved very useful.
My growing teenage daughter also uses Waterline’s Day Cream and is obviously the better for it!
I take this opportunity to wish Bharati all the very best in her endeavor to promote natural products. I would highly recommend her products.
Bharati – good luck and God bless …..”

Maneesha Shah

vijaya-reddy“I was introduced to Waterline by a friend about two years ago. The products have been amazing. Prior to this I have tried numerous name brands but the quality of Waterline is way above the rest. They are made of superior ingredients that are natural. I get several complements on my skin and people continuously ask me what I use. My skin feels radiant, supple and has a glow. I would greatly recommend the use of these wonderful products by everyone.”

Vijaya Reddy
Project Manager

pradnya-mihir-raje“Bharati’s Waterline products are the in thing. 100% natural and they really make a big difference to your skin. The Day Cream, Lip Balm and the Shaving Oil are too good. In today’s world where adulteration is at its peak, Bharati’s products are absolutely genuine and worth the price.
All the very best from both of us.”

Pradnya and Mihir Raje

“I have been using Waterlines products for over three months now & have found them to be very good. The hair oil especially has helped reduce my hair fall considerably.”

Mihir Kumar

“Bharati, I just used your Cleansing Jelly….Wow!  Its truly amazing…have never had anything that removes make up and cleanses too so amazingly & perfectly…you truly are gifted.

Just love it…woke up this morning with my skin feeling sooo good!!!!

I bless you every time I use your cleanser Bharati….I am so in love with it.”

Meryl-joy Nash
Hair Stylist

“The combination of Age Defying Serum, Cleansing Jelly, Timeless, Perfect Protection and Night Cream has cleared my pigmentation so much that I am amazed.
The Hair Oil for Men stopped my hair fall from 50-60 strands a day to 0. It’s also turning my grey to black. People have been asking what I do to achieve this…my answer…use Waterline products!”


“I have used Bharati’s Hair Oil for Men and Mouthwash. The hair oil is marvellous, my hair fall has stopped and and my bald patch is filling up. The mouthwash is a miracle – my teeth are whiter”

Sonal Kapadia

“The Age Defying Serum keeps my face soft and smooth and it smells divine.”

Saju Mirchandani