Sometimes a product is piqued with an aroma that you do not like, but you still pick it up. The reasons can be many-perhaps the benefits mentioned on the packaging seem perfect, or your friend loved the product and recommended it to you or you were in too much of a hurry and picked up the first product that you could find.

Please do not use products where the fragrance does not please you. Aromas are sent by your olfactory nerves to your brain which in turn sends signals to your organs, muscles, metabolism, skin, in fact to every system in your body. These signals can be healing or disturbing. When you find the aroma pleasant-your mind, body and emotions get a positive boost, but if you find the aroma unpleasant the reverse will happen putting you in a mental and physical slump.

So don’t use products that don’t smell good to you.

Glow Naturally!