My products have varied advantages but I cannot explain every benefit on the web site or it will get too lengthy. Here are a few examples…

Oil for Weight Loss helps you sleep better, hence is a great for insomniacs. This oil, when massaged into the body can relieve muscular aches and stiffness in joints as well. It also is a great de-toxer, hence you find that you need to urinate often and will experience a lot of flatulence in the first day or two of application.

Hair Oil for Men, when used for massage works very well as a relaxant, it calms you down. This oil is also a great reliever of muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Face & Body Butter is no ordinary moisturiser, it heals bed sores and severely dry, black, leather like skin with lesions. This product removes cholesterol deposits around the eyes. It also fades and sometimes erases long term scars. Eg: A 24 year old woman came to me with an ugly black gnarled scar on her neck and cleavage. When she was 4 months old a kerosene stove had exploded and wounded her severely. No man would come forth to marry her due to the scar, she was worried. I gave her some Face & Body Butter to try out. A couple of months later she came back for more, the scar was about 30% gone. 6 months later it was barely perceptible but one gnarl was still there. 1 year later even that stubborn gnarl was gone.

Call me if you have any special issues you need treated. I will advise you as to which of my products will do the most efficient healing.

Fresh Mist has this amazing way of plumping out tiny lines on your face. It also adds this dewy look to your skin. I spray it on my face 5 minutes before I walk into an event. People always comment that I am ‘glowing’.

Glow Naturally!