The top layer of your skin is a barrier which protects the lower, delicate layers against UV rays. Scrubs slough off this layer and peels take it right off. This leads to sunburn, rashes and pigmentation.

Scrubs and peels do not get rid of excess sebum, blemishes, bumps, clogged pores, dry or flaky skin, or an uneven skin tone. In fact scrubbing or peeling your skin will eradicate the protective barrier making your skin very sensitive.

That top layer of your skin is like a blanket required for scars to heal underneath. New healthy skin cells are generated constantly in the lowest layer of your epidermis as the old, scar tissue cells are pushed outwards till they reach the surface of the epidermis from where they finally fall off as dead skin cells. Your body gets rid of 30,000 to 40,000 old skin cells every day.

If the ‘blanket’ is scrubbed or peeled away UV rays play havoc with the exposed delicate scar tissue cells and threaten the health of the fragile, new cells that are being generated. So scars and blemishes get darker if scrubs or peels are used.

Conclusively, scrubs and peels are bad for you as they lead to sunburn, pigmentation, rashes and sensitivity. Scrubbing or peeling your face makes scars and blemishes darker.

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