Ancient healing techniques are coming into the limelight again due to the inadequacies of modern allopathic medicine. Ayurveda and Aromatherapy are both popular today. I have attempted to show the basic differences between the three types of medicine.

Remains of essential oil distillation apparatus have been found in Mohenjo daro proving that aromatherapy was prevalent about 5000 years ago. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Arabia,Tibet and China all used aromatic oils for healing, embalming and as perfumery.

Ayurveda originated around 4000 years ago where plant and animal products were used in the remedies. About 2000 years later the additional use of metals and minerals gained popularity.

Allopathy has been prevalent for the past 200 years.

All three sciences are techniques of medicine practiced today. I am concerned about their side effects.

Allopathy has been practised for merely 200 years. We already know that allopathy has many negative side effects as this kind of medication leaves toxins in the body. Furthermore some of the side effects of allopathic medicines have yet not been discovered as it is so new.

Ayurveda is definitely an older science being 4000 years old but the addition of metals and minerals 2000 years later poses a problem. If the medication is not compounded with the utmost care it can cause serious side effects as well.

Aromatherapy oils have no side effects whatsoever. In fact when diluted correctly some of these oils are safe enough for pediatric use.

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