To do less exercise as you get older is bad for your health. As you age your metabolic rate slows down so you have to work your body harder and longer to keep the rate healthy.

When your body is young the internal organs, skin and brain are all young and at their peak performance levels. You don’t have to do much to stay strong and healthy. As you get older everything changes, your circulation slows down and your organ’s efficiency reduces. All this affects your productivity, physical as well as mental. The elasticity and texture of your skin and the shape of your body start suffering.

The answer to all this is to exercise longer and harder than when you were young. The fact is the harder you work your body and mind as you age, the younger you will look and feel.

The adage “if you don’t use it you lose it” says everything…test your strength, your stamina and your intellect every day. Push yourself as far as you can go and you will remain strong, healthy and mentally alert. The minute you start believing that you need to slow down or take it easy because you are aging, you will age faster and you will begin losing your physical and mental faculties.

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