Your health depends on which of these these metals you wear.

If you feel lethargic and sluggish you need to wear gold as it activates your system. This is why wedding rings are traditionally made in gold. Wedding rings are worn on the third finger and have an effect on the nerves of this finger. These nerves are connected to the urogenital system in the body. Gold stimulates the energy flow delivering energy to the urogenital system. Most people believe that the exchange of wedding rings between two people merely symbolizes their eternal love for each other, now you know it’s much more then that!

Silver helps those who are hyper active, short of temper and of a nervous disposition. Silver is cooling and anti-inflammatory. Hence people began eating out of silver plates and using silver cutlery to be less open to infections.

People who suffer from mood swings or nervous disorders must remember that metal jewelry may aggravate the problems. Women who have problems getting pregnant or have gynecological issues and are otherwise healthy should take off their rings for some time. This will probably help solve their problems.

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