I wanted to write something positive…since it’s the start of a new year. The GREATEST healing that you can do for yourself is with your own hands.

We all know that Jesus healed with his hands, whether he learned this in Japan or in India, or deciphered this skill himself at a very young age is unclear. The story that he could multiply a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread, to feed a hilltop full of followers makes me think that as a race we need to create miracles to elevate a simple, intelligent, loving, pure human being into a god. But, did he heal…yes he did…others for sure, but he must have used his hands to heal himself too. He must have had to, with the Romans ‘gunning’ after him and the whole of humanity sapping his spirit with all their problems.

I know you must think I have lost the plot completely…but this is from where we must pick up the basics to good health and good skin…this is what it’s all about…going into history to find answers. Today we’ve lost out to modernization and it’s quick fix-Allopathy, with its terrible side effects. The answer to a healthy life, is rooted in age old practices like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, Shaminism etc.

We know of Cleopatra and have all heard of her beauty…but was that it? There is proof that she was no beauty, instead she was very intelligent, a brilliant orator, could speak 5-9 languages and had a radiant complexion. What she did know for sure, was the art of aromatherapy. She had her own formulations for skin, hair and read on…

She won over Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony with her knowledge of aromatic oils! She would have the sails on her ships drenched in rose and jasmine oils to woo her lovers. Both these oils have aphrodisiac properties. No wonder they fell under her spell!

So let’s use an ancient method to heal ourselves. Center yourself and use your hands to heal your body and mind.

Take a bit of edible oil between your palms (waterline’s body oil is therapeutic for this). Rub briskly between your palms till your palms get warm and press them down firmly to any afflicted area. Keep your palms in place till they they begin to cool down. Repeat the process till the afflicted area feels warm. Do this as often as you can in the day, for pain or stiffness in joints. You will be surprised at the relief you can get with this simple self-healing therapy.

For your face, please splash some water on it and then take 10-12 drops of Gold in your palms, rub them together and then stroke face slowly over the layer of water, in an upward motion so your face gets warmed by your hands. Once it is warm cover your face with cupped hands one area after another, each for a count of 10, making sure that the area gets warmer still. Finally relax and note the change in your facial skin. Do this daily and you will see a remarkable improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.Your skin will have a new radiance to it.

Glow Naturally!