Bacon, ham, sausage, canned foods, jams, packaged fruit juices all contain preservatives. These are designed to prevent spoilage and bacteria from multiplying. But look at the damage preservatives can do to your health.

Preservatives can accelerate breathing problems in asthmatics and are linked with shortness of breath and other breathing problems. Preservatives can have harmful effects on behavioural patterns, especially on those of young children. They can lead to increased hyperactive behavior.

Food preservatives can weaken heart tissue leading to permanent heart damage. The worst effect of these preservatives is their ability to form cancer-causing agents when digested.

The next time you go to a fancy brunch buffet and you get tempted by the cold cuts, the sausage, the sizzling bacon…STOP! Imagine all the toxic nitrates, benzoates and sulphites in those foods and what they could do to you. Avoid them, you will live a healthier, fuller life.

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