Green lawns are a relic of the colonial era. It was fashionable at the time, to show off your wealth by owning and maintaining these vast expanses of green lawn. In reality these lawns are a drain on the environment, the reasons are listed below:

1. Lawns require nitrogen based fertilizers like urea. These fertilizers contain nitrous oxide which is a green house gas that is 300 times worse than carbon di oxide in trapping heat in our atmosphere. Nitrous oxide also destroys the ozone layer, which protects the planet from harmful ultraviolet rays.
2. Lawns require a lot of water to keep them from turning brown.
3. Frequently, motorized lawn mowers are used to keep the grass trimmed. These lawn mowers cough out carbon di oxide.
4. Bees, butterflies and other indigenous fauna of the area cannot survive on mere grass so they disappear. This upsets the balance of nature.

The invaluable synergy between flora, fauna and the soil gets totally disrupted by green grass lawns. This synergy is essential as it heals and protects the soil, making it healthy. Lawns destroy our environment.

Furthermore those nitrogen based fertilizers are toxic so don’t sit on lawns as you could be inhaling toxic fumes and don’t go barefoot on your lawns as you will expose your skin to toxic substances.

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