Your skin has a fat or lipid barrier which protects it from drying up and also keeps the moisture that’s been trapped inside from drying out. Oils protect this lipid barrier and further prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin.

Most natural oils are not greasy, get easily absorbed, and are noncomedogenic, they do not clog pores. Applying oils or products rich in lipids, especially to acne-prone skin, will not cause break outs, clog pores, or leave a greasy film. In fact it’s the opposite, the oils permeate the skin’s layers and help throw out toxins, dispel unhealthy cells and regenerate healthy cells. This helps in eradicating acne (toxins), pigmentation and scars (unhealthy cells), leaving your skin smooth and clear.

Oils or oil rich products are perfect for all skin types.

Glow Naturally!