According to the Ayurveda lunch is the most important meal of the day as that’s when your ‘agni’ or digestive fire is strongest.

We are all a part of nature and hence are affected by nature’s elements. Hence the agni (digestive fire) is associated with the sun (fire). When the sun is at it’s strongest (12-2pm) the digestive fire within us is at it’s strongest as well.

As the sun rises in the morning our digestion is just waking up and is weak, after being dormant while we sleep. So have a light breakfast. The sun moves higher and gets hotter and reaches its peak in the afternoon between 12-2 pm, as does our digestion, a large lunch is recommended. As the sun goes down so does our agni, a light dinner is what is best.

You should complete your dinner before 8pm. After 10pm the body is working on eradicating toxins and digesting remaining semi-digested food. If you eat after 10pm your digestive fire is very low so foods get slowly digested. This will interfere with your sleep. It may cause toxins to accumulate in your system and you will put on weight.

A light breakfast, a large lunch and a light dinner will benefit you greatly. You will avoid digestion problems, weight issues and illness.

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