Stand tall, bad posture can have serious repercussions on your emotional, physical and mental health. If you slouch you are prone to depression and lower energy levels.

Slouching can affect people’s opinion of you, people with bad posture are perceived as weak and not as vital. In fact even when describing someone who is weak willed we call the person ‘spineless’.

If you don’t have good posture and are slouched or in a seated crunched position you don’t breathe fully. So your body does not get the oxygen it requires and everything gets affected-your stamina, your circulation, your organs, your brain and your skin. Your life expectancy gets reduced and you are more prone to diseases.

When you sit crunched up, your intestines fold over, this backs your system up and slows everything down. If you sit with your legs crossed for long durations of time your circulation can get cut off, leading to increased pressure and spider veins.

Good posture can help boost your confidence and reduce your stress levels, so straighten up!

Glow Naturally!